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“Captains Chats” Instagram Live premiered on February 17, featured two SSL Gold Cup Team captains from Qualifying Series Round 1 taking place from May 2022: SSL Team Antigua & Barbuda Captain Shannon Falcone and SSL Team Puerto Rico Captain Raul Rios. Both teams will race against SSL Team Bermuda and SSL Team Tahiti in the same QS group.

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SSL Gold Cup 1st Edition is now fast approaching! The Football World Cup but in Sailing is “THE” ultimate challenge between Sailing nations to be crowned Sailing World Champion. Like the World Cup in Football, the SSL Gold Cup will bring together all the Nations’ best sailors from all supports on one unique and equal boat for all: the SSL47.

“Captain Chats” Instagram Live – hosted by SSL presenters Rachele Vitello and Marco Rossini – will be a weekly rendez-vous where you will know more about SSL Team captains, their squad, preparation, and their objective on the upcoming competition.

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Highlights of the “Captain Chats” Instagram Live:

2013 America’s Cup Winner Shannon Falcone leads SSL Team Antigua and Barbuda – nicknamed “Rum Runners”. Their crew is made of young guns and a few professionals. Shannon Falcone says that the great thing about SSL Gold Cup is that it will bring all his countrymen on the same team whereas before they were all competing against each other in different regattas and boats.

Shannon Falcone on SSL Gold Cup’s keys to success: “Communication, teamwork and team effort and we are continuing that trend,” and when asked about their goals, Shannon says: “enjoy the experience and have fun.”

The newcomer in the SSL Gold Cup is SSL Team Puerto Rico, led by Captain Raul Rios, a Snipe Class champion. The team is still working on their team nicknames, emblem, and jersey, but Raul gave us their magic number “1”. The meaning behind: it will be the first time they will sail as one in the same team. Raul Rios wants to find a crew with a good balance of experience and athleticism.

Raul Rios answers on their SSL Gold Cup’s goals: “work with the team and with our strength. The goal is to do the best we can, and at the same time learn from our mistakes.“

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